When you think about GD Goenka, you think about quality education and high standards of infrastructure and amenities. With a legacy of about 25 years and more than 100 schools and preschools in India, the GD Goenka Group has become a trendsetter in the field of education, right from preschools and kindergartens to high school and post graduate education.

Joining the GD Goenka community helps you open doors to infinite global platforms of knowledge and experience, along with numerous proven methods of running a school successfully. With GD Goenka, you get a holistic support system that addresses all spheres, right from setting up to running and operating your school. GD Goenka offers the latest in educational aids, equipment and amenities that uphold the highest standards, not only in education, but also in hygiene, safety, and security. This aspect is replicated in each and every school that is owned by or is affiliated with the GD Goenka Group.

When it comes to pre-schools, parents look out for nothing but the best, for the pre-school is an important first step in the path to success, and partnering with GD Goenka lets you partake in a rich culture and legacy, giving you the right start to running your own school.



The ‘Mom and Me’ Programme by GD Goenka leverages the special bond that exists between children and their mothers. Instead of the child’s first foray into the real world being into a new classroom, surrounded by strangers, the ‘Mom and Me’ Programme allows for mothers to be there with their children to help ensure that a child can get accustomed to a new environment without any worries. A mother has a great influence on a child’s development. She plays a very important role when it comes to boosting a child’s growth. She is the one who has the greatest and strongest emotional bond with the child and they are the ones who influence the environment that a child gets in their formative years. When parents enrol their kids with this programme, mothers visit the school with their children to ensure a smooth transition for their kids.



‘Mom and Me’ is an initiative by GD Goenka to help a child take their first steps out into the real world, but under the care of their mothers. In this programme, as mentioned earlier, the mother comes along with the child and participates in everything that the child will be doing in the new environment. This helps leaps and bounds in easing the child’s adjustment to the new environment, as they are under the security and comfort of their mothers.

In this programme, when the child plays, eats, learns new sounds, builds blocks, and enjoys new stories, they have their mother with them and together, they can undertake all the new experiences together, with curiosity and enthusiasm. While the mother gets an insight into the world from their child’s point of view, the child learns how to adapt into an adult world. The nurturing is more aware and fruitful and the bonding is enhanced as the mother and child experience everything in a specially created environment that fits the developmental needs of the children.