Nursery marks the first point of introduction between a child and the world of education, which is why it becomes important to ensure that it is smooth and easy. Even though children attending nursery are aged 3 or 4, they are at the stage where they are opening up to interactions outside their homes. And to help them in this process in the right manner, the right environment is a prerequisite.

Schools, with their warm and safe environment and same aged kids, are perfect for this job. Stimulating and nurturing, nursery school contributes significantly to the long-term growth of a child. It is here that children learn how learning can be fun, and fall in love with the same.


Having contributed 25 years of hard work and dedication in the field of education and learning, the GD Goenka family has grown to include over 50,000 students and alumni across more than 100 preschools and secondary schools in India.

Carrying forward our legacy, we wish to give all those tiny toddlers across the subcontinent a happy start into their school lives. To attain this goal, we look forward to spreading GD Goenka nursery school franchises in every corner of the nation.

There are various advantages of partnering up with us for opening nursery school franchises in India. As a part of our preschool programs, you receive aid in: -

  • Infrastructure and interior design
  • Teacher recruitment and training
  • Teaching aids
  • Curriculum based on international pattern
  • Student study kit
  • Marketing support



At GD Goenka, we take education very seriously. Therefore, we expect that every member of our family is up to the set mark, and contributes whole-heartedly in uplifting the face of Indian education system.

In order to team up with GD Goenka and start a nursery school franchise in India, you need to fulfil the following requirements: -

  • Property of 180-250 Square meters space
  • Investment of Rs. 15-20 lakhs
  • Franchise fee of Rs. 5 lakhs
  • 7 years franchise term
  • Assigning a Centre head befitting the quality standard
  • Hiring at least 2 assistant teachers
  • Maintaining a minimum of one teacher per class
  • Allocating one maid per 15 children
  • Including at least 2 hours of playschool and nursery and no less than 3 hours for Junior and Senior KG